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Invited What Car? and Autocar readers saw our new SUV before anyone else in the UK

Autocar and What Car? readers were recently given an exclusive chance to check out our Ateca up close – and came away impressed.

The Ateca’s distinctive design already stands out in the rapidly expanding SUV market.

The small group of readers who were lucky enough to attend weren’t told which SUV they’d be seeing beforehand, but 30 per cent of them guessed correctly when they saw the Ateca’s distinctive LED running lights shining underneath the covered car.

SEAT Ateca SUV preview

The two groups included modern parents, wealthy home owners and people who have said they are looking to buy a new SUV. They loved the car, and the feature they liked the most was the wireless phone charging unit.

Everyone was interviewed to get their first impressions of the car, which we will spread online and in print during July; you can watch the video of their reactions here. The Ateca is already popular among our target audience and we expect more than one million views for the video.

SEAT Ateca SUV preview
SEAT Ateca SUV preview