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SEAT SUV launch plans confirmed

Eagerly-anticipated SEAT SUV (sports utility vehicle) is scheduled to hit the market in 2016

SEAT confirmed today that it will launch a new compact SUV, to go to market in 2016. The new model is the culmination of nearly two years of design and development in the Spanish car company’s Martorell facility.

SEAT IBX concept 2011 - rear quarterSEAT IBX concept 2011 - front quarter

The 2011 IBX Concept was SEAT’s design for SUV. No visuals are available of the model to be released the year after next

SEAT Chairman Jürgen Stackmann elucidated the importance of this event at the Annual Results Press Presentation:

“This is an excellent piece of news, since it takes SEAT into a new territory, in one of the largest and fastest growing segments in the world,” “The SUV is an important pillar in the future corporate strategy and is a major step forward on the road to reaching sustainable profitability for the company,” he added.

The go ahead for SEAT to move into SUV market clearly demonstrates Volkswagen Group’s commitment to the Spanish brand. This represents an entry into an accelerating segment worth one million cars per year in Europe alone, which has seen over 40 per cent growth since 2009 and holds great promise for the future.

A SEAT SUV will diversify the company’s product range and help maintain growth even as its Leon family soars to greater heights and continues to claim numerous prestigious awards across Europe.

Development of the SUV will continue in Martorell, where SEAT’s Technical Centre hosts over 900 engineers committed to pushing forward the boundaries of excellence and innovation.

Note: pictures shown are of SEAT’s 2011 IBX Concept – no images have been released of the planned new SUV.