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“Stylish seven-seater is a superb all-rounder”

First-drive reviews of the new Alhambra, which was launched last weekend, are now coming in, and the journalists seem suitably impressed by our new people-carrier.

In an article headlined ‘Stylish seven-seater is a superb all-rounder, Auto Express hailed the new Alhambra as: “a Volkswagen Sharan with added SEAT spice and a lower price”. The magazine tested the ‘green’ E Ecomotive version. “The 2.0-litre TDI engine impresses from the word go,” wrote reviewer Luke Madden. “It delivers 320Nm of torque at only 1,750rpm to make the seven-seater feel punchy, and give 0-62mph in 10.9 seconds… The steering is well weighted, the ride comfortable and there’s very little body roll through corners”.

Madden was also taken with the space the Alhambra offers. “Along with the Sharan, this is the widest people carrier on the road,” he said, “and that means there’s plenty of space inside… the car is a fantastic load carrier.”

Car Enthusiast said of the Ecomotive: “Here’s another car with fuel economy that puts it in the eco-bracket, but which demands no compromise for it… The 138PS diesel engine is very quiet at idle and off throttle… The DSG twin-clutch gearbox is, as ever, quicker and smoother at changing gear than you or I could ever hope to be.

“We like the big SEAT Alhambra. It’s cheaper than the all but identical Volkswagen Sharan, but has all its quality, comfort and technology.”