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SEAT Mii 5dr

Exceptional driving fun, sporty design and outstanding functionality: meet the five-door Mii. It scores top marks for fuel consumption and emissions thanks to its lightweight design and efficient drivetrains.

At just 3.56 metres long, Mii is the perfect car for today’s urban environment. Its optimum use of space means that there is plenty of room for four adults and an impressive 251 litres of boot space, one of the largest luggage compartments in its class. Fold down the rear seat, and the boot expands to an impressive 951 litres.


The Mii’s compact dimensions and wide opening angle of the rear doors make for easy access, even in tight parking spaces.

The large rear side windows ensure great all-round visibility, and the pop-out window function enables ventilation with a high degree of safety for children travelling in the back.

Opt for the panoramic sunroof, which extends back most of the length of the Mii’s roof, to add an even more spacious feel to the interior. This comes with a sliding roof blind, which helps to keep the interior cool on sunny days.

The panoramic sunroof can be tilted or opened more fully by sliding it back over the roof of the car.

Head restraints for the rear seat passengers and child locks on the rear doors are standard.

Design – strong character with sporty individuality

The five-door Mii measures 1.64 metres wide with a long wheelbase of 2.42 metres and exceptionally short overhangs front and rear. This combined with the steeply angled rear end gives the Mii generous interior space.

The rear doors fit discreetly into the clearly defined side view. The roof contour remains unchanged from that of the three-door version and the rear roof pillar retains its broad form.

“It’s remarkably grown up to drive for a city car. It’s also economical, well built, and cheaper than the near identical VW Up.”
WhatCar? Says

The window line runs a little lower than on the three-door and is emphasised in the side aspect by the clear shadow line. The sturdy door handles indicate the Mii’s high level of quality and solidity.

The Mii is immediately recognisable as a member of the SEAT family. Its new headlamp form marks a development in the SEAT design language and its side view is characterised by distinctive wheel arches and clean surfaces. The rear end also displays a new light design featuring triangular light elements.

“It is a unique combination of sporty chic and design quality with outstanding everyday usability,” said Alejandro Mesonero-Romanos, Head of SEAT Design.

Beneath the bonnet is a new generation of engines. The frugal 1.0-litre three-cylinder unit is light, compact and smooth. In two outputs of 60 PS and 75 PS, it ensures fleet-footed agility – and not just in city traffic. The Mii’s 35-litre fuel tank ensures both a long range and enduring driving fun.

Extra help to stay safer in town

Safety Assist delivers important added protection in town. Simply put, when a risk arises in city traffic the Mii brakes automatically to prevent a possible impact.

At speeds lower than 19 mph, a laser sensor can identify another vehicle or obstacle in the direction of travel, regardless of whether the object is stationary or moving. If the system detects the risk of an impact and the driver doesn’t apply any braking force, the system applies the brakes fully or helps the driver to apply maximum braking force. In many cases Safety Assist can help to avoid an accident altogether or, at the very least, mitigate its severity.

Full details of the UK range, specifications and pricing are available on our brochures page.

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